The Animals


Visit today and meet all our furry and feathery friends. All around the farm you will you will find lots of different animals to stroke, feed and play with. You can join us on our daily feeding rounds, search for freshly laid eggs in the hen house and get to learn about how we care for our special friends.

The Girls – Ivy & Winifred

Pure breed Jersey cows that we have reared on the farm from calves. Both Girls are extremely friendly and love lots of attention. Ivy is milked daily and you are always welcome to help and try some- delicious fresh jersey milk. I have made the milk into cream, butter and tested out different flavours of ice cream (a job I find very rewarding!)

Nelly the Donkey

Nelly is Winifred’s best companion and is not happy to be apart from her favourite jersey. She is very young at only a year old and like most of our animals loves attention and has an odd obsession with wheelbarrows.

The Jacob Flock

The dotty sheep in the fields that look a bit like goats, especially once sheared, are the Jacob sheep. We once started on the smallholding with 3 sheep and over time now have a flock of over 60 shared between here and another site. If you stay in the spring then you will be lucky enough to see new born lambs bouncing around the fields.

The Coop

We have a variety of different breeds of hens. They sleep and lay eggs in their hen house but often you will see them traveling around as they are incredibly inquisitive creatures. The fresh eggs are really tasty and come in all sorts of sizes.

On the Pond

The pond is a hive of activity with geese, ducks and the odd moorhen. We have three Embden geese that have been raised here at Animal Ark and a motley collection of Indian runner ducks that stay here for a peaceful life and lots of food. A popular chap is Roger the Runner who you can spot racing across the field from pond to pond.


Our sheepdog is definitely made more for looking sweet than his actual attempts to herd sheep.

Percy Pig

This old chap has been a resident on the farm for over 12 years now! He now spends most of his days snoozing or hunting for apples in the straw. This gentle giant loves meeting new people especially those that bring him tasty leftovers.

Judy the Farm Cat

Judy is the only cat on the farm and that is just how she likes it. She is very much in charge of the animals at Animal Ark you will see her proudly strutting around or trying to sneak in!

So get your wellies on and get ready to hear every cluck, quack, baa and moo.